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Independent Medical Practitioners' Association - Sri Lanka

continuous professional education – WHEREVER you are and WHENEVER you want

Our Projects

IMPA carry out under current presidency to improve public health in Primary Care in Sri Lanka

Our Activities

IMPA plans to carry out many educational activities aiming to provide continuous professional education – WHEREVER you are and WHENEVER you want and in the mood for education.

Professional Carrier Development

Trending Seminars

IMPA Medical Update Meeting

October 2022

IMPA Medical Update Meeting

January 2022

IMPA Medical Update Meeting

Clinical Meeting for General Practitioners 

Digital Health Camp

Digital Health Camp

With Dr. Ananda Perera

Digital Health Camp

With Dr. Iyanthi Abeywickrama

Digital Health Camp

With Dr. Palitha Abeykoon

Digital Health Camp

With Dr. Sarath Samarage

Digital Health Camp

With Dr. S A P Gnanissara

Digital Health Camp

With Dr. Sujatha Samarkoon


Established in 1929, Sri Lanka’s IMPA is the oldest national organisation of general practitioners in the whole world. The IMPA is a medico-political body with academic general practice as a subsidiary interest, while the other national organisations established elsewhere are mainly academic bodies.

Our Accomplishments

IMPA has monthly activities to improve the quality of health car services in Sri Lanka continuous knowledge sharing and programmes to expand knowledge of general Practitioners in 

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About IMPA

This site will try to live upto the lofty ideals enshrined in our constitution :

(i) To safeguard and further the interests and status of its members as a body
(ii) To promote and encourage co-operation and loyalty among members in the best interests of the medical profession.
(iii) To maintain professional and ethical standards of the medical profession, particularly relating to the science of medicine. surgery and medical clinical research.
(iv) To work in collaboration with similar organisations abroad to attain the aforesaid objects.

We are also governed by the Companies Act of Sri Lanka read at:

We are also a NGPO which means:

“Non-Government Professional Organisation” means a body of professionals as defined by law, organised for the purpose of rendering humanitarian service and service to the profession not having among its objects, the making of profit to be enjoyed by members or their dependents and operated by persons who are not paid public officers or paid salaries by their organisations and dependent on its annual membership fees paid by its members and voluntary donations.