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Independent Medical Practitioners' Association - Sri Lanka

Message from the President of the IMPA

President's Message


Dear Members of the IMPA, 

I thank you for placing your confidence in me once again and appointing me as the President of this association at the AGM held on Sunday the 12th of December 2021.

I sincerely hope that I will be able to carry out my duties of leading the association and taking it to the helm.

Though we are restricted by the Covid pandemic i hope to continue with the monthly  CPD programmes which are looked forward to  by the members and hold the council meetings as scheduled every month.

I also take this opportunity to welcome all the new office bearers and council members and look forward to their support for a very interactive year with full participation at all the programmes of the IMPA.

We will  have the monthly news letter , annual journal and if possible the updated version of the IMPA directory  published on schedule.

The IMPA will cooperate with other stakeholders and take an active role in matters of mutual interest.

The new  state of the art updated website which was designed under the guidance  of immediate Past President Dr Ananda Perera also includes the Sri Lanka drug index and could be accessed by anyone free of charge. Any new product registered at the NMRA will be uploaded immediately to the drug index.

I implore the members to vigourously campaign to get eligible medical practitioners to join the association so that all matters relating to them could be collectively addressed.

I also Thank the ministry of health  for the generous grant of Rs 500,000/= and all other sponsors for their support to the IMPA. 

I request the members to bring up  any other relevent matters  that need to be addressed to the council so they could be resolved.


Dr. A. H. A. Hazari

President IMPA

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