IMPA Sri Lanka

Independent Medical Practitioners' Association - Sri Lanka


President's Message


Dear All,

It is the Christmas season.  Our AGM and the CPD program will be followed by a Christmas carol singing and a special program of sharing our season’s joy with a group of deprived children from Wanathamulla. Many of our members supported the cause and the Santa is going to make the Christmas for these children a joy and a surprise.

Coming to the affairs of the IMPA it has been a fruitful year for the IMPA. We have continued our

usual CPD activities as our the schedules in the past years.  In addition we have got ourselves involved in a project of national importance.  That is the publishing of the SLDI2020 or Sri Lanka Drug Index 2020. This is an update for the existing SLDI2010 which was long overdue. We are happy to announce the expected financial support of the NMRA for the project and also to continue the project.  We also have planned for a primary care formulary for the primary care physicians of Sri Lanka.

Also with I gratitude I should mention the annual grant of 500,000 Rs we received form the Ministry of Health for the year 2019. And also continued attempts are made by our senior members including Drs Joe, Sanath and Lucian to get the approval for this annual grant on a regular basis so that out financial position would be on par with other colleges and medical organizations. I offer my heartfelt thanks for all those who are supporting the IMPA in this regard.

Finally I would be failing in my duty if I do not give my due thanks to Ms. Champa and Dr Hazari for the uninterrupted support extended to me throughout this year.

Wishing You All a Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year 2020.


Dr Ananda Perera

President IMPA (2019 - 2021)